Skye Body and Sole - Reflexology and Whole Body Wellness

The Journey

Photo of Skye Fitzkee

Skye's path is constantly moving to new and exciting modalities and training as she further develops her holistic approach to wellness. Most recently, Skye's journey has led her to explore the power of feet in telling a persons story and the ground they stand on.

As I find myself at this exciting point on my life path, I look back at what led me to this place. I have studied and practiced holistic therapies for years and now my practice focuses on the power and key to health held in our feet. That's right...feet. I believe feet hold the key to the essence of the whole person. While feet hold us upright and move us forward, they also tell the stories of our lives.

Everything is revealed to me through the interpretation of the physical manifestations on your feet. Using that information allows me to honor where you are on your path, and create a session of relaxation, revelation and restoration, catered to meet your individual needs. After a session many people feel more balanced and grounded, as if body and soul become more connected to the outside world.

My clients say I help them, whether to simply relax or to explore the deeper aspects of themselves. Recently I have undertaken training in toe reading, an amazing soul coaching modality that takes reflexology to the next level. Toes hold the memory of each path you have walked through life, literally and emotionally. They are the map that tracks your life's journey.

Who are my clients? I enjoy working with teenage girls and women, helping them conquer anxiety, self esteem, body issues, and quite frankly, stepping into their power. I am always grateful to work with the chronically ill and those undergoing cancer treatments, helping them to believe they can stay healthy and happy. Every session, like everybody, remains individual and personalized.

I look forward to holding a space for you as we explore the stories your feet, and your soul have to tell. I believe I can make a difference in your life.

Always honoring the path that brings her to each new experience, check back soon to see where Skye's journey continues.