Skye Body and Sole - Reflexology and Whole Body Wellness


Steve K.

“I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I was having chemotherapy and having a lot of side effects from the chemo. Skye suggested I let her try reflexology on me. The difference was immediate on the first treatment by her. My doctor was so impressed with the way I was able to handle the chemo. She told me to continue doing what I was doing; it was working for me. I know that the reason I was able to function better then most during my year of chemo was the reflexology Skye did. I missed a couple weeks she was out of town and those chemo treatments I could not even get off the couch. I would suggest anyone give Skye and reflexology a chance. It helped me.”

Sally K.

“I have a irreversible lung disease and Fibromyalgia. The pain can be so severe sometimes I can't walk. After seeing what she did for my husband with his cancer, I decided to try for myself. The relief was immediate. When I left her office after a session I was able to get around almost pain free. When I had a cold and had trouble breathing she was able to rid me of the congestion and I did not go in to Pneumonia like I usually do. If you are tired of the pain and don't want to live on pain meds I would tell you to give her a try. It not only helped my pain it also helped my mental state. It helped a lot with the depression of being so sick. She covered the pain, my breathing, my depression, and counseled me on my diet. Please give her a call, you won't be sorry.”

Bridget L.

“I love my appointments with Skye, they are like mini vacations. I come out feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. All my gift giving is made easy with her beautiful Gift Certificates.”

Laura B.

"I really enjoyed our session and felt great afterwards. I took a really long nap and in fact felt like I was in a deep sleep. I like what you said about journaling before bed to set up my dreams. Yes, enjoyed finding a kindred spirit too."